A Richard Lang Workshop
This workshop is a refreshing way of discovering who you really are-  the boundless, timeless awareness that is our True Self.
Richard will guide you through awareness exercises-  the Headless Way experiments- that enable you to notice the difference between what you are for others, your appearance, and what you are for yourself, your Reality.  You are not required to believe or imagine anything.  As amazing as it sounds, all you have to do is look- look right where you are and see the boundless Space that contains all things!  What a treasure this space is.  Everyone’s face becomes your own.  Everything is within you.  Everything flows from you!  Come to the workshop and discover this beautiful, deep truth about yourself.  And then go on re-discovering who you really are in your daily life, whenever you choose.
Richard first saw who he really was in a workshop in 1970 with the English philosopher, Douglas Harding, the author of On Having No Head and the inventor of the ‘headless way’ experiments- which you will be experiencing in the workshop.  Since then Richard has devoted his life to being aware of his True Nature and to sharing this simple, accessible method with whoever is interested.  He has recently published two books-  Celebrating Who You Are, which is edited transcripts of ten of his workshops, and The Man With No Head, a graphic biography of Douglas Harding.  More information about the Headless Way is available at Headless.org.
Friday 4/7          7pm- 9:30 pm
Saturday 4/8    9am- 5pm
Cost is $100. Which includes lunch on Saturday
Location is Unity of the Triangle, 5570 Munford Road, Raleigh, NC, 27612
Contact Stacy Allen with any questions:    stacyrallen@gmail.com