Prayer is the cornerstone of the Unity movement and our church. Offering prayer support and praying opportunities is really important to us.

Request a Prayer

You may request individual prayer support from a trained volunteer prayer chaplain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling the Unity of the Triangle 24-Hour Prayer Request Line (919) 832-8324 Ext 8. Leave a confidential message and receive a compassionate and loving prayer support call within 24 hours.

For immediate 24-hour support contact:
Silent Unity Prayer Line:

Join a Prayer Team

If you are interested in expanding spiritually, praying for others will be a very powerful way of accomplishing it. Please click here for more information on the Prayer Chaplain Program and Sacred Prayer Circle. You can decide which of these two programs fits your schedule and commitment level but beyond that, you will discover how praying for others is indeed transformational soul work.

With open hearts, we shine our healing light into the world.