Unity of the Triangle – Spirituality and Friendship

For the past 30 years, when people in Raleigh have looked for a community that is progressive, diverse, intelligent yet heart felt, and spiritual but not religious they have found what they were looking for at Unity of the Triangle. As part of the worldwide Unity movement, yet with its unique style, Unity of the Triangle invites seekers and finders to deepen their understanding of themselves through meaningful friendships, meditation, prayer, reading, sharing and service. You’ll often hear attendees say, “I felt like I’d come home when I walked in the door.” Men and women, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, 12 steps and agnostics find the teachings of love, grace, forgiveness, insight and oneness resonate with their inner knowing. Sunday services with their lively music, meditations and teachings, inspire spiritual growth without guilt. Individuals often say, “The message was just what I needed to hear, as if he were speaking directly to me.” That might be because at Unity of the Triangle, the emphasis is on what is universally true and practical, not just culturally accepted – spiritual, not religious.

In August, the community will move into their new home. Nearly 20,000 sq ft., the new building on Munford Rd in Raleigh will have a sanctuary that will seat 400, classrooms for the extensive youth program, gathering and eating spaces, a meditation hall, a bride room, and offices. The design of the sanctuary should enhance the excellent music program. Weddings and community events will find the spaces ideal. High definition cameras will capture the Sunday services which will be streamed. To keep the feeling of intimacy, attendees can join small groups that meet in members’ homes. Classes for adults are offered on a broad spectrum of spiritual topics from meditation to family dynamics to world religions. Each year the community has extended its support to the greater community. In the near future Unity of the Triangle expects to do service projects in Puerto Rico and offer Sunday services in Spanish.

The leaders of Unity are Rev. Neusom Holmes and Rev. Ana Quintana. Neusom leads most of the Sunday services. Funny and poignant, his style is direct and personal. In his talks you can hear the echoes of years as a river guide, his appreciation of sacred text and current discoveries, and hours of meditation. He is well loved an compelling speaker. Rev. Ana, originally from Puerto Rico, with a strong business background and outgoing personality, she is known for her compassion and love of teaching. Ana will be leading the Spanish ministry. Outside speakers include former congressman Mark Siljander, speaking on Christian and Muslim unity September 11th, and the Buddhist teacher, Lama Surya Das this fall.