As Unity of the Triangle’s prayer team, the Sacred Prayer Circle holds in their daily private prayer practice the prayer intentions placed in the prayer boxes each Sunday. They receive a weekly email listing the first names only of those who have requested prayer. They are not given the circumstances of the prayer request so they are able to hold the highest level of consciousness for all. By remembering that each individual has a Divine Identity, they affirm love and wholeness for each person knowing God is in every circumstance leading and guiding them to their highest and best good.

The Sacred Prayer Circle participates in a weekly 15-minute guided meditation every Wednesday at 12 pm to assist them in holding sacred space for the prayer intentions that week. The meditation is recorded and available for team members, as well as, congregants on the Unity of the Triangle SoundCloud page.

On the first Sunday of every month between services, the Sacred Prayer Circle meets to connect with other team members, and to be spiritually nourished through prayer and meditation.

While the Prayer Chaplains pray publicly with congregants, the Sacred Prayer Circle does not pray with other congregants, nor are they required to be a member to participate. Recruiting occurs twice a year and volunteers are required to attend a Spiritual Deepening Workshop to prepare them for holding sacred space in their private prayer practice. Check Upcoming Events for the next workshop.

Sacred Prayer Circle Prayer Request Form

To Join the Weekly Wednesday Meditation Call:
(641) 715-3200, Access Code 253899#
(Call in at 11:55 am; call locked at 12 pm to avoid interruption to the recording)

For more information about the Sacred Prayer Circle, contact:
Rev. Meemie Lohmueller
Pastoral Care Minister
(919) 832-8324, Ext 110

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