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April Showers-4814-15

Seek ye first the kingdom of God | Neusom Holmes, August 23, 2015

The Bhagavad Gita describes three gunas, or manifestations of nature and creation:  Sattva, which is associated with upward flow, truth, goodness, enlightenment  Raja, associated with energy, passion, activity, attachment  Tamas, associated with sloth, darkness, downwardness, destruction Our spiritual journey is toward Sattva. Our goal is to deepen into God, to pray without…

April Showers-4814-15

The power of letting go of “I” | August 16, 2015

The desire for power is natural. People want it. Countries want it. Dogs want it. But the way we go about getting power is not effective—jockeying, jostling, shoving, competing, spending untold sums of money on weapons, trying to dominate the world around us. True power comes not from asserting our separate selves but from opening…

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