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“Our Gift”
Unity of the Triangle Christmas Concert

Saturday, December 10th

Upcoming Events

Please check back regularly for the latest updates on online and in-person events.
The use of masks is optional for indoor activities.

A Message from Our Senior Minister


Blessing to you,

I think we underestimated the power of community and the practice of
communal celebration.

We now have proof isolation, bad news and uncertainty in sufficient doses decreases our mental and emotional health. It’s obvious we need each other, a place to belong, and hope. We need to express our worth, wisdom and compassion. And we need to celebrate our good. Now, as we collectively heal, we need to show up and sing, and laugh, and maybe even dance. With each growing report of increased anxiety, depression and suicide, we should also hear the
trumpet call of spiritual community inviting us to share time with people who are looking for the good and holy in each other.

Unity of the Triangle invites you to re-member community. Re-member belonging. Remember who you really are. We hold services in person, and we stream then on-line. We’d love to see you. But no matter whether in person or online, join in the community, share your heart and your presence with us, and know you are always welcome. And should you wish to have someone
pray for you, or you need support of any kind, let us know. We are here for you.

May the light of God shine upon you,

Welcome to Unity of the Triangle

Unity of the Triangle brings together people from all backgrounds who want to deepen their spiritual lives, celebrate diversity and oneness, and express love in the world. We take a positive, practical, inclusive approach to Christianity, one that acknowledges and draws from other faiths and philosophies. Whoever you are, whatever your path, we invite you to join us in awakening to our divine nature.

Rev. Neusom Holmes, Senior Minister

Sunday in 7

Sunday morning services are a high point in the spiritual week at Unity. Neusom’s messages, our morning prayers and meditation, and stirring music from the choir combine to create a vibrant, meaningful experience. From time to time we hold special services focused on healing, prayer, and community. For those who want a quick recap, each week we offer a “Sunday in 7” video: seven minutes of highlights from the Sunday talk.


“I started coming to Unity just to learn. I’m grateful I found not only a place to learn and grow but also a community of kind, warm, down-to-earth people to share the journey.”

Emily Gabrian