In Unity, meditation is a part of affirmative prayer where we relax the mind and center ourselves in the awareness of our oneness with God and all things. By resting in the silence, we realize our divine identity and wholeness.

Guided Meditation with Rev. Cara Valentino

Sundays  |  10:20 am  |  Sanctuary

Deepen your spiritual practice by participating in meditation with others. Each Sunday, Rev. Cara leads a meditation between our 9 & 11 am services to help relax the body and mind and allow time for silent contemplation.

When we meditate, we relax the thinking mind and move into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness. We find peace and calm in the silence. In Unity, meditation is a practice of remembering our connection to our Divine Source.

Guided Prayer & Meditation with Rev. Meemie

Wednesday | 6:30 pm | Meditation Chapel

Enjoy respite from the busy week with this intimate hour of prayer and meditation with Rev. Meemie in our sacred Meditation Chapel.

Guided Meditation in Spanish with RevAna

Wednesdays  |  8:55 pm

Rev. Ana Quintana (RevAna) offers guided meditation in Spanish live over the phone. People from several states, including Puerto Rico, connect to relax, renew their spiritual strength and pray for others.

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Guided Meditation 

Thursdays  |  11:55 am

Call (515) 603-3134
ACCESS CODE 1050639#

Each week we offer live guided meditation over the phone.

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