Book Study Group led by Michael Balser

Green Room

Meeting Location: In-Person;
Meeting Time: Sunday at 1 pm, Green Room, Starting February 26th 

Michael enjoys being a Unity church participant and book study member.  I invite you to participate, to see how you might enjoy the opportunity to get to know other participants, and to see the impact it can have on your life and the lives of those you meet.  This is a new group.

Sign up here to join this group or contact Michael for more details of this meeting at:


Unity Monthly Hikes

Come an enjoy being outside while exploring the trails and parks of the Triangle. Locations vary each month.
For details contact:

Bill gernon:


Sunday Service Rebroadcast

Our Sunday services are filled with lively music, meditation and teachings, inspire spiritual growth without guilt. Services are typically led by Rev. Neusom but sometimes feature talks and meditations by Rev. Meemie Lohmuerller, and other special guests.

We invite seekers and finders to deepen their understanding of themselves through meaningful friendships, meditation, prayer, reading, sharing and service. You can watch the REBROADCAST SERVICE online 9am Sunday service exclusively on Facebook or Youtube.


Book Study Group led by Mary Mooney


Meeting Location: Online, Sunday at 6 pm, Starting February 26th
Meeting Time: 

I am one of the co-founders of Unity of the Triangle.  This is an ongoing group.  MY GROUP IS ALREADY FULL.


A Course in Miracles – Virtual Class


Study and practice of ACIM that emphasizes the non-dual tradition of removing the unreal to reveal the real – your own True Nature.  Focus is on learning the language and concepts as a guide to daily practice – the actual method of the Course. It’s not a matter of learning or gaining anything new, but of letting go of the person you think you are, and the world you think you are in. Join our online class via Skype.


Spiritual Dialogue PM with Quincy Garbutt – Online Class

This group meets every Tuesday to share, discuss, study, and enjoy all aspects of spirituality together. The topics are fluid as the group decides what they want to explore next. Led by Quincy Garbutt
Please join us! This meeting is exclusively online via Zoom.

You can sign up here to join the group and receive notifications about upcoming meetings and/or discussion topics, or simply attend by joining the zoom link below.


Adult Choir Practice | In-Person and Online

Join us for choir practice Wednesday nights on Zoom. Fellowship starts at 6:30 pm; rehearsal is from 7-8 pm. To learn more, contact our Music Director, Tim Smith, at (919) 832-8324, Ext. 107, or email


Spiritual Dialogue with Rev. Neusom Holmes

Unity of the Triangle 5570 Munford Road, Raleigh, NC

This group meets every Thursday in-person, to share, discuss, study, and enjoy all aspects of spirituality together. The topics are fluid as the group decides what they want to explore next. Led by our Senior Minister Neusom Holmes.
Bring your bagged lunch and join us at 11:30am for a social gathering before the discussion.
Discussion starts at 12:00pm in Room 228 - Multipurpose Room


A Course in Miracles for Unity – Virtual Class

The focus will be on establishing a deeper personal understanding of the Course and a strengthened commitment to practicing the lessons. Class will remain, at present, on Zoom from 2:30-4:30 PM on a love offering basis. The first hour will consist of reading the text. The last 30 minutes will be focused on the practice of the lessons. Group members will rotate leading sessions.