Affirmative Prayer is a statement of spiritual Truth and the highest form of creative thought.  It includes the release of counterproductive, negative thoughts. We pray affirmatively, knowing that the Divine Presence is in the midst of every circumstance. Affirmative Prayer reflects the certainty that we are each being led and guided to our highest good despite any temporary appearances.

We do not pray to change the One Presence and One Power; we pray to change ourselves by connecting with and aligning our hearts and minds with the Divine, thus allowing the consciousness of God to express itself fully through us. We pray to realize the highest truth we can comprehend at that moment.

In Unity, meditation is a part of Affirmative Prayer where we relax the mind and center ourselves in the awareness of our oneness with God and all things. By resting in the silence, we realize our divine identity and wholeness.

As one of the core beliefs, Affirmative Prayer and meditation are one of the most important aspects of Unity. Affirmative Prayer and meditation heightens our awareness and leads to an awakening of our spiritual selves.

Finding Peace in Times of Turmoil

Dear Friends,

As millions of people are devastated by the impact of hurricanes in Florida and Texas, wildfires in the West, and an earthquake in Mexico, we are all feeling overwhelmed with a loving desire to help those affected by the disasters.

Many of you have already stepped up with support, but there are other ways we can come together to help those whose lives have been uprooted and changed forever.

First and foremost, we can pray. Prayer is not a last resort but a place to begin. We pray peace, be peace, and do peace.

How can one “pray peace” in events like these? Our prayers are for the highest and best outcomes for all of those impacted by these events. We affirm they will remember the Truth of who they are. Each of us is divine in nature and, despite these awful appearances, we shall overcome together. We will overcome these events by drawing on help from our brothers and sisters in our communities and from the divine within each of us that provides courage, comfort, strength, faith, and hope. Join Us in Prayer

For all those in the midst of a natural disaster, we declare the truth of One Power—GOD in all circumstances. We first calm any storm of worry and confusion, so that our minds are attuned in Oneness with One Power. We claim our rightful power of Divine Love, with which to achieve inner harmony and its consequential actions of peaceful preparation. We claim our rightful power of Divine Wisdom, by which we discern the measures to take for safety of self and others. We claim our rightful power of Divine Order, whereby we adjust our mindset and our actions to meet the moment-by-moment need.

Nothing we face can be stronger than the power of spiritual consciousness to stand stable and strong despite any seeming threat. We work in harmony with the forces of nature, doing all that is possible to protect—getting out of the way of water, wind, fire, or debris—and supporting one another in a spirit of unity. For we are One. One with one another. One with GOD. We say to any natural threat and to ourselves: Peace! Be Still.

Unity of the Triangle will host World Day of Prayer, a 24-hour prayer vigil starting Wednesday, September 13 at 7:00 pm with an hour-long contemplative opening ceremony, and continuing through Thursday at 8:00 pm. This annual event joins hearts and minds in prayer around the globe. Sign up for a one-hour (or more) prayer time slot at

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