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The Practice of Peace- a 7-step prayer process

In Unity we emphasize on denying what is not true and affirming what is.  Meditation and silence, letting go and letting God and gratitude are all part of the Unity model of spiritual practice.  Nonetheless when we are faced with a major challenge, our old way of doing prayer kicks in.  To many of us, this way consists of beseeching and persuading an external God.  This idea of praying to an old man up in the skies, one that blesses but also punishes, is truly ingrained in the collective consciousness of many of us.

Following, we are presenting a 7-step prayer that integrates all the Unity teachings not only to support you in attracting the best of a situation but also in modifying that old belief of what prayer is… and thus, truly impact one’s consciousness by opening it up allowing Spirit to do what it does which is to bless, heal and prosper.

On January 23, 2022 Rev Ana offered a powerful lesson in which she further explains this prayer technology to truly support our prayer practice by turning it into a practice for peace as the lesson was titled. 

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