Living Untethered Book Study Series

Discover a deeper understanding of where your thoughts and emotions come from, and how they affect your natural energy flow. The purpose of this series is to get us to relax internally so that we can accept the world as it is, and not live in resistance thereby connecting with the higher aspects of ourselves. The totality of who we are, in particular with the witness State, the one that is always aware and has been with you your whole life even as your body changes. That one, the inner self, with the capital S self.

 The goal of this process in keeping one’s awareness clear enough by not clinging or avoiding things, you begin to deepen into that experience and find happiness, bliss, and contentment.

To help you get the most out of the lessons from this series, we’ve prepared a study guide that you can use as your view/listen to this series.

View or Listen to the Series