Stages of Giving

Am I afraid to give more because I’ll have less?  Will I not have enough? It makes sense that the more you keep for yourself, the more you’ll have, right?

That way of thinking may make sense if we were all separate beings.  But the truth is that we are all connected with each other and God. And within this connectedness, there is an underlying cycle of giving and receiving.

When we realize that we are one with all that is and that there is plenty for everyone, it makes sense that as we give, we receive.

Whether it’s money, time, talent, or love, the cycle of giving and receiving provides for the needs of all.  We must trust in the giving spirit of God and remember that we are all part of that generous, loving Spirit. So give of your love, give of your time, give of your treasure, and you will feel the true prosperity that is your true nature.

Rev. Neusom reflects further on the topic of giving as developing in stages. Check it out in the video recap above.

Ready to give back? A great way to give of your time and talents is to participate in the Sacred Service Volunteer Program. Volunteer teams are waiting for your assistance.