2020 Book Study: Unity and A Course In Miracles with Paul Hasselbeck

Another year, another fabulous book study! The first book study of 2020 has officially begun.

We invite you to participate in a 5 week, church wide, group study of Unity and A Course in Miracles by Paul Hasselbeck and William Heller from February 2nd to March 1st.

Book Study Feb. 2nd to March 1st

All are invited to join (or lead) a Small Group in order to participate. Small Groups have a facilitator or leader and meet 1-2 times per week to discuss the book with the help of a study guide.

About the book:

Unity and A Course in Miracles brings us two perspectives of underlying spiritual reality. With some study and reflection this book may open doors to seeing the world differently – to seeing the world of abundance, forgiveness and oneness as the “truth” and the world of scarcity, strife and separateness is really the illusion.

Paul Hasselbeck chats with Rev. Neusom to give us a sneak peak into his book and the upcoming workshop at Unity of the Triangle on Sunday, February 9th 2020.

This year the book study has added features including:

A special Sunday service and 2 hour workshop with Paul Hasselbeck, the co-author of the book, on Sunday February 9th. Click here for more info.

A special social event for those who rise to the occasion and choose to lead a Small Group. To sign up to lead a group, contact Emily at smallgroups@unitytriangle.org.

‘Dinner and a Discussion: 3 Courses and a Miracle’ culmination event featuring a panel of Unity and A Course In Miracles experts and dinner provided by Unity of the Triangle on Thursday, March 26th. Stay tuned for more information.

3 reasons to join a Small Group:

  1. Small Groups are a wonderful way to deepen your spiritual understanding and follow along in a spiritual course of study.
  2. It is an opportunity to meet twice a month in a close-knit social setting with like minded people. Leaders/hosts of Small Groups often choose to meet off-site in their home.
  3. You’re likely to meet someone new! The great part about book study month’s at Unity is that it is open to non-members. We invited anyone interested in the chosen book to participate. Or if you are a Unity member, you have the opportunity to get to know folks you may not see outside of Sunday service.

3 options to participate:

  1. Sign up to lead a small group or join an existing one. Some groups are seeking 1-5 additional members to join their discussion during the book study time frame. Contact Emily at smallgroups@unitytriangle.org for more information.
  2. Study along with the Rev. Ana’s Spiritual Dialogue group, meeting Tuesdays at 1pm in Room 228.
  3. Study along with the either one of the ACIM discussion groups meeting regularly at the church. These groups will be following along with the book study time frame and welcome new participants. A Course In Miracles meets Mondays at 7pm and A Course In Miracles for Unity meets Thursdays at 1:30pm.

Got your book?

Limited number of copies are available at the Unity bookstore. A Kindle version is also available from Amazon.

More about Small Groups:

Small groups are social structures long standing at Unity of the Triangle. Some groups have been meeting for years and continue year round outside of book study time frames. Many new groups form around book study times as a place for individuals to join.

For more information about Small Groups or the book study, please contact Emily at smallgroups@unitytriangle.org.