A Case for Forgiveness: The Culmination of the Book Study of Unity and A Course in Miracles with Rev. Neusom Holmes

A Case for Forgiveness: The culmination of the Book Study of Unity and A Course in Miracles with Rev. Neusom Holmes.

What’s the matter with people?  They always letting me down, messing up, doing me wrong!  Does is feel like a cycle of blame and forgiveness over and over with others?  How about with yourself?  How do we escape this cycle?

According to A Course in Miracles, we have created this world from the initial false thought that we are separate from God. And in this sense of separateness, we live with a sense of guilt because God may be upset that we think we’re separate. And we project our guilt and fear upon others as a quick fix to feel better about ourselves.  There is a way though that we can return to our true Self, who we really are, which is one with God and all that is.  We just need to realize that what we see in others is also in ourselves and simply ask for forgiveness.  This is not the type of forgiveness that says “you are guilty but I release you and won’t hold it against you” but rather a forgiveness that says “you never were guilty because I realize that you are perfect and whole just as you are”.

We return to the realization that we are without blame because we are one with the Presence, we are Divinity itself.a