Ways to Connect to Nature Through Art and Creativity | Youth Monday

Hello! Today I would like to share some ideas that will help you and your family connect to nature through art and creativity. 

Nature Art with Janice Falcón | Youth Monday
  • Take walks as often as possible

I love going on walks with my kids every day. This activity has been so beneficial during this quarantine time! Sometimes we do silent walks where we meditate on what we see and listen to nature sounds. We call these Walking Meditations. 

Other days they all get a stick and have fun pretending they are lightsabers!  Other days we talk about our day or play games as we walk. 

We also gather little treasures we find along the way, and we save them to make Nature Art!

  • Get creative with Nature Art

There are no rules to this! Just gather materials that you already have around your house and let your inspiration guide you. You can make mandalas, collages, leaf prints, collect rocks in a jar and add to your collection as you find more!

These are some of the projects we have enjoyed the most:

  • Here are some ways we can all help Mother Nature:

◊Put out birdseed for the birds.

◊Plant butterfly-friendly flowers in your garden.

◊Stay on the path when you go hiking

◊Be sure to clean up your trash when you have a snack outside

◊ Plant a tree

◊ Clean garbage from a local stream or pond. Pick up trash you see around your neighborhood. 

◊ Turn off the lights when you leave a room

◊ Recycle any glass, plastic, metal, paper or cardboard that’s used at your house

◊ Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.

◊ Make a bird feeder (I will be sharing a cool craft soon!)

◊ If you climb a tree, be gentle on the branches

◊ Learn aboutecology and how people can help the environment

◊ If you have a garden, help to water the plants. 

◊ Fill the birdbath with water — those birds need baths too!

◊ Let the bees be! 

◊ Use less water when showering.

◊ Read a book about someone who was nice to nature.

Have fun! I would love to see your creations. You can share them on our Facebook page.

Stay well, healthy, and creative!