Gregg Levoy – author and speaker

As tough as this year has been, there can be many insights we may receive from experiencing a year-long pandemic.  What can we glean from this experience and how can we use it for growth?  

With the pandemic, many people are finding their resilience and others are tending to their suffering with excessive tv, food, or alcohol.  Sometimes it’s a little of both.  Quite often, we are forced into heroism, evolution, and self-reflection by our own suffering.

With not being able to participate in many of our normal activities, we have had more time on our hands.  This can lead to procrastination and laziness, but it also affords us the space to ask if we want to go back to some of our old norms.  This has been a time to reassess – do I want to return to my old profession?  Do I want to keep my social calendar so full?  Some people are enjoying a more leisurely existence and want to hold on to a more balanced lifestyle.  We may find we want to keep up activities like walking, being out in nature, reading, and meditating.

As we have the time to look at our lives from a deeper perspective, we can ask what is my purpose and which direction do I want to go with my life?  Do I want to stay in a contemplative state or go back to my busy normal?

An interesting aspect of the pandemic is that we have become used to the idea of others being dangerous to us – don’t hug them, don’t let them breathe on you, keep your distance from them.  This is counter to the social nature of being human.  At the same time, we’ve come together to care for and protect each other, those we don’t even know, by keeping our distance and wearing a mask.  These acts are not just self protection, but protecting our community.  There’s a dichotomy in being afraid of others and protecting them at the same time.

For shy people and introverts, this time has been a relief because we can literally hide behind our mask and not have to interact with others.  For others it’s been a time of loneliness and isolation.  When we get back to some sense of normal, it will be important for us to remember how hungry we were for connection and touch and to appreciate little pleasures like seeing someone’s smile, hugging, being in a crowded room, sharing a meal in a restaurant, and visiting a friend at their home.  What a wonderful time to realize that more is not always better – more stuff, more work, more social media accolades, etc.  This is an opportune time for us to make a commitment to the important things in life like spending time with those we love.

Vaccines are the perfect example of introducing chaos (into the body) in order to strengthen it for an improved outcome.  The suffering, grief, loss, and shock of the last year is part of the chaos that can help us evolve, grow, and strengthen going forward.  It’s out of challenging times that we emerge as the hero that we are meant to be.

What did I learn throughout this past year?  What emerged from me?  Where are my priorities?  What can I take forward?  What do I want my new normal to look like?  There’s power in declaring and claiming what we want and stating our goals.  There will be a chance to do that in the upcoming webinar.  

Gregg Levoy will be a guest speaker on Sunday March 14 at 9am and 11am (ET)

Click here to Join us Sunday, March 14th at 1pm for Gregg’s webinar to find your own heroism that you can take forward into the world in an act of service.

David McKay, author of The One Open Door, lived in silence as he trained as a Zen Buddhist Monk for 18 years.  He was taught a way of combining an ancient Buddhist understanding and practice with modern psychological tools.  He promotes Awareness practice in the form of retreats, workshops, online meditation groups, and spiritual coaching and counseling.


What is the nature of Mind?  What is Buddha Mind?

Buddha Mind is the mind that is uncontaminated by social conditioning.  The flip side is Conditioned Mind where we assume a separate self that has a history, preferences, opinions, and wants control of life.  Buddha Mind is more easily described by what it isn’t than what it is.  It is not separate, has no preferences or opinions, and does not need to control outcomes.  It just is.  Everything is Mind, everything is intelligence which comes in the form of a human, animal, tree, or rock.  So our human mind which has an individual perspective is the same as the intelligent Mind that is causing everything to be.  Being in the Buddha Mind is when there is no difference between the human mind and the intelligent Mind that is creating everything.  

Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, used the word Mind in place of God and taught that we share the same intelligence as the Divine.  This idea is common to Unity and Buddhism.  

Is Buddha Mind like the witness state?  

If by “witness” we mean pure Awareness, then yes.  But not in the sense of someone observing.  Buddha Mind does not operate as a separate entity and transcends separateness. 

How do we know if we’re in Buddha Mind?

A huge part of spiritual practice is answering this question.  It can be very subtle.  We are taught to believe that we are the conditioned mind and it can be difficult to step back and understand that our beliefs, assumptions, and perceptions of the world are an illusion.  It takes a lot of work and paying attention over time to notice a mind functioning as a self and a mind functioning beyond a self.  

When functioning as a self, we suffer, meaning we are operating outside of Life and we feel a sense of separateness, disfunction, sabotage, confusion, and are swept away by emotions.  Whereas when functioning in the Buddha Mind, there is a flow state where things tend to align and work.  

We can ask “What is the result of my thinking”?  Is my thinking taking me to a place of connection with all that is or a place of separation and division?  

Is there a feeling associated with being in Buddha Mind?

We cannot know in our human minds that we are centered, in awareness, in Buddha Mind.  Our intellect doesn’t understand that state.  There may be an energy, sense of connection, or guidance, 

Spiritual practice consists of trying to answer the question of “Who am I?”.  In the midst of living as a human self with conditioned mind, who am I underneath that?  It’s somewhat of a mystery that takes us on an alluring exploration without a final answer.

How do we understand “me” within the oneness of Divine Mind?

When we let go of the conditioned self built upon false assumptions, we can feel into our Authentic Nature or Authentic Self.  It’s unique to each of us and yet is also simultaneously the same as Life as it unfolds.  It can be described as we are a wave in the ocean of Divinity.  We cannot understand it intellectually, but we can experience it. 

What are the benefits of exploring Buddha Mind?

Anything unhappy that we experience as human beings comes from believing that the conditioned mind is reality.  When we feel we’re not good enough, not meeting expectations, feel lonely, or self-sabotage.  Sometimes even when we have successful experiences, we may be trying to compensate or cover up ideas of unworthiness.  If we let go of our conditioned mind, we don’t have to live in a world where we think something is wrong with us or we are not good enough.  We don’t have to compensate for imagined flaws.  Living in the Buddha Mind allows us to just be who we are, inherently worthy.  Life is easy because it takes care of itself without us needing to control anything.  Life unfolds clearly and perfectly in a flow state when we are in Buddha Mind.

The futility of Buddha Mind

When feeling the flow state of Buddha Mind, it’s easy to want to hold onto it and stay in that state.  The conscious thought of wanting to hold on to it causes us to lose it.  The goal is to be in this awareness without trying to own it or hold onto it.  Spiritual practice will take us into a state of oneness with all that is.  The perspective and desire of wanting to hold onto that state is the separate self which by nature takes us out of it.  When we act from a separate self, we remove ourselves from the unfolding of the flow state of Life.  

 One cannot “know” Buddha Mind or get to the flow state by intellect.  It must come by allowing the experience to happen.  

We all have a fundamental need to be who we really are, one with Buddha Mind, Divinity, Source.  And when we are not able to be in that space, it’s distressing.  We sometimes try to compensate for our suffering with worldly accomplishments or accumulating money or material things, but in the end still end up feeling empty.

Practices to achieve Buddha Mind

Two ways to achieve Buddha Mind that really compliment each other are:

Via Positiva – Being in the now, feeling into the present moment, looking for guidance, being present and open to what is here now.

Via Negativa – Seeing everything that is not authentic and letting it go.  What is left is your true essence.  One tool is to watch our thoughts.  Most of our thoughts are not us thinking, but conditioned mind talking to us.  Stepping back from the conditioned mind can allow us to be in present awareness.

Spiritual practice is a lifelong process, a journey without completion, but one well worth the energy and attention.

Our Beloved Janice

Our beloved and cherished Janice Falcón, after months of decline from brain cancer, has made her transition. Our community will sorely miss her. Janice’s grace, generosity, love and wisdom have been like rays of light from her soul. It was a blessing to know her. She guided our children’s program for years. Never with her at the helm did we wonder if we could do better. Steadily she guided the education and community building that made our program an example of excellence. The church and each of us who knew her understand we have truly lost someone special.

Her family has been supported by the Friend in Deed committee, extended family, Sean and Diana, and all of us who have held them in prayer. All five of her children and Omar have wanted privacy in dealing with this slow moving transition. Let us send love and prayers as we await from them other ways we might respect their need for privacy and still actively support them. 

Let us remember to cherish loved ones and friends. 

Thank you, Janice, for showing us how to live with spiritual elegance.

Watch the Virtual Celebration of Life Service

Remembrances of Janice

If you wish to leave a remembrance message, please fill out the form below and submit your message. We will be updating this page regularly with your messages.

“A heart is not judged by how much you love, but how much you are loved by others.” — Lyman Frank Baum, from The Wizard of Oz. That was/is Janice.

-Susan Siegmann

During Sunday Service I always loved watching the youth proceeding up to and settling into the stage. As a choir member (being on the stage) I could look directly into Janice’s face as she walked up. That was often my favorite part of the service. Janice’s face always beamed with love and affection. Divinity.

-Dan Wilkinson

I have many, many fond memories of Janice — her smile, her calm presence, her dedication, her excitement, and her loving care for the Unity youth. But one memory does stand out among the rest. During one Sunday 11 am service, I was in the lobby area and I heard this commotion in the fellowship hall as a young boy — known for his wild and uncontrollable behavior — sprinted up the stairs as Janice followed rapidly behind him. I heard continued commotion on the 2nd floor, and soon the boy was racing down the stairs as Janice tried to reach him and reason with him to try to “redirect” his behavior. This seemed to occur a couple more times.

I was president of the Board at that time, and I thought I should let Janice know just how much I thought of the way she calmly and slowly got control of the situation. I was truly amazed at how she was able to handle the situation. I approached Janice later that morning and told her that. She seemed a little worried as I approached her and I told her that, because she told me she thought I was coming to tell her, “Janice, you’ve got to get better control of those kids!” — or maybe, presumably, we’ll find someone else who can. I laughed about that and reminded her how we all marveled at the way she managed, encouraged, and inspired the youth. She said that, for her, she just thought of all those kids as her own, and she loved those kids as she loved her own.

That was her secret — love. We were lucky to have her as our youth director. We were lucky to have her as part of our spiritual community.

-David Johnson

I’m at a loss for words to explain how much you meant to me, Janice. While younger than me, you were so much wiser. I cherish the time I spent in your office at church practicing my Spanish with you, asking your advice on relationships, and hearing about your latest plans for our Unity youth. I loved seeing you interact as a mother with the boys. What fine young men you have raised and I enjoyed seeing your joy in them. Your example has been life changing for me.

I see the amazing qualities that made you such a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and incredible Youth Director. Your patience, acceptance, and sweet nature always stood out to me. Your giggly sense of humor made me laugh. Your smile warmed me. I always felt loved and accepted by you for exactly who I am.

Your love shined through so brightly and always will. I miss you Janice.

-Darla Brown

A woman full of optimism and creativity, giving to others joy and love.
-Sergio Morales-Monroy

Janice’s light and love will continue to live on in my heart. Janice’s dedicated wholehearted thoughtfulness towards making things happen for the Unity Youth made an impact in our church. It was a grand pleasure to work with Janice in bringing Mrs. Claus to the Youth at Unity. Janice’s gentleness, laugh, smile and steadfastness in supporting Unity was a demonstration of God expressing through her beautiful soul.

-Janet Jones

We moved from Charleston to Charlotte and my son wanted to go to Unity of the Triangle in Raleigh. I couldn’t understand why he wanted to travel 2 hours to go to YOU. Then I met Janice. We didn’t talk much but she had quiet calming affect. I knew that she would take good care of Dougie. I met Omar many years ago when I was a Uniteen sponsor taking my kids to rally at Camp Weed. He also went out of his way to make me feel comfortable. I had the pleasure of working with Gabe when we went to Spirit Quest. He and Dougie were co-reggies. I send much love to the family. If there is anything we can do to help let us know.

-Denise Landhan

Such a great loss! She was a true gem in our community and I will never forget her kindness and love. Prayers are with Omar and the boys.

-Virginia Decellis

I am so sad. My daughter, Patti, in Kansas told me. She checks the website often. She said she remembers Janice well because Janice was always so nice when Patti visited and would drop my 2 grand kids off in the classroom. We all miss you Janice.

-Doug Walters, Patti, Jace, and Lexi Hernandez

From the moment I met Janice I felt a kinship with her. I always felt a loving presence when I was with her. She loved her children with a passion and spirit that was beautiful to see. She loved all of our children that way.

As a volunteer with the UCT youth program, I had the privilege and pleasure of seeing her love and joy in action as we worked with the children. Knowing Janice has been a blessing in my life. May her memory be a blessing to us all.

My sincere condolences to her beautiful children and family. You are all in my heart.

-Robin Devoti

The Spirit of Janice

Janice’s Spirit flies on the Wings of Love.
It dips and swirls following eddies of care and compassion.
One drew her to her beloved Omar and her family
and the other pulled her to serve Unity of the Triangle
to minister to our youth and families’ needs.
They depended on each other,
these two complementary energies,
in a connection that will never be erased.
We grieve as she ascends higher
without having to pull against
the downward draft of her mortal challenges.
How easily she expressed her love for everyone around her,
and how abundantly it was returned by all she encountered.
But we know she has been called to enter a higher existence
in her quest to transcend this earthly spiritual plane.
May she keep soaring towards her true calling
as a Spiritual Being transformed by the love she embodied.

-Betsy Lambert, February 1, 2021

Mis respetos y Oraciones con la familia y la comunidad de Unity en este momento tan difícil , Los domingos eran especiales para mi asistir como
Voluntaria cuidando de los niños en el nursery junto a Diana en ese momento y tuve la oportunidad de conocer a Janice y puedo decir que podías sentir su espiritu tan alegre , siempre sonriendo podía trasmitir su buena energia . El cielo está de fiesta con un ángel que fue llamado para cumplir una misión de seguir cuidando desde lo alto a su hermosa familia …!!! Hoy estas en otro plano , espacio o dimensión como queremos llamarlo y se que estarás bien ! tu gran espíritu prevalecerá por siempre Amén ??. Bendiciones y muchas Oraciones .

-Kelia Mora

Janice made me believe in angels.
-Kim Church

I will always remember her sweet words on the phone to her beloved. May God watch over your family as you have done.

-Jesse Mendoza

Janice was the true embodiment of love and compassion. Her beautiful smile and caring spirit will be missed. My heartfelt condolences to Omar and her entire family.

-John Green

Janice, my best friend, my sister, my love. You were always a Ray of Light, we will meet again. Thank you for your unconditional love for 24
Years… RIP

Táyna Rivera

La certeza de nuestro espíritu es que Cristo es amor y perdón; así lo demostró Janice con su ejemplo en tan corta vida. Dejando de ser de ella y ayudando a otros. Cuando leo sus comentarios y cómo la recuerdan, definitivamente veo en su huella los principios de Jesucristo. Hoy ella ilumina el camino a otros con su recuerdo. El plan de Dios es perfecto… prima mía, descansa en Paz.

-Carlos Lugo

Janice Elaine Falcon was such a bright beacon of loving kindness to everyone whose life she touched in any way. To know her was to love and admire her. We cannot help but miss her physical presence now that she has transcended the earthly plane. We do know that the deep grief that we feel over her transition is a testament to the wonderful gift that Janice was in our lives. We allow our hearts to break open as we journey through this time of grief and loss. We love Janice, we bless her, we appreciate her and we behold the Christ in her. And we affirm that Janice lives on in our hearts and Love is eternal.

-Janice Sears

Descansa en Paz!!! Te prometo que estaré pendiente de tu mamá acá en PR!!!

-Juliana Reyes

Miss Janice made our return to the Unity community welcoming and warm. My children loved youth groups on Sundays and the heartfelt messages those lessons provided, under Janice’s leadership and her team of dedicated teachers. She made Uniteen trips a reality for my son Gabe, an experience he will cherish forever. She brought my shy Alex out of his shell, and encouraged him to perform a solo in the Christmas concert! My sweet Madeline’s favorite part of every Sunday was a hug from Miss Janice (and Rev Ana). We will forever be grateful for the love she showed to our family. Her brightness will be missed.

-Laurie Morril

Similar to others, I have several great memories of Janice, but I would like to share my favorite. Several seasons ago, Janice and the kids had organized a chili and cornbread bake sale in the dining hall to raise money for the kids to attend a rally. While I was helping the kids set up, Neusom came in, beaming. He pointed with pride at a pan of cornbread he had brought in and placed on the table. He said to me something to the effect of “Look at what I did!” It was indeed a beautiful pan of cornbread, and I told him so. We laughed and chatted a bit, and eventually he gave me one of those life-affirming hugs. Then I gravitated with others to the sanctuary for the 11 o’clock service. It was during that service that it became clear to all who attended that Neusom was in physical crisis. I went into something of a panic with this thought: what if our exchange in the dining hall earlier that morning was the last moment we’d ever connect? At some point, I had to escape to the bathroom to sob.

After service was over, I was back in the dining hall with the goal of helping Janice out with the kids. Janice noticed the look on my face, and asked if I was ok. She pulled me aside and tears welled up for both of us as we expressed just how upset we were by what had happened with Neusom. After a moment, she said, “I want you to see something.” She pulled out her phone and showed me a picture she had taken with the intention of documenting the kids’ sale set-up. It also happened to capture the exact moment Neusom and I hugged. As I started bawling again, she said, “But look at the pure and absolute joy on your face.” That moment confirmed for me that Janice is full of miracles, big and small. Nothing was ever an accident with her.

I asked her to send me the picture to my email. She did. The other night, when I learned of her transition, I desperately searched my email for the one she had sent with the picture. The subject line reads: “The hug. I love you, Andrea. Thank you for your heart.”

My heart.

Clearly, she was only seeing me as she was. I can’t imagine that I was ever anything more than a simple reflection of her light whenever I was in her presence. I think many of you know what I mean when I say I felt like a full moon around her – merely bouncing back the luminesce of the sun with a serenity and confidence that has the power to pull oceans.

She is magical; yes, her magic persists.

Many prayers to her family, friends and our entire community.

-Andrea Emanuel

Janice, te soltamos al cuidado de la Creación. Fundida con la Fuerza de toda vida te bendecimos y agradecemos tu presencia en nuestras vidas. La familia Glogiewicz-Mercado te recuerda en amor. Vuela alto.

-Juli Mercado

Janice was the true embodiment of love and compassion. Her beautiful smile and caring spirit will be missed. My heartfelt condolences to Omar and her entire family.

-JoAnne Green

Janice, we may share the same name but we didn’t know each other well. But I always was amazed at the love you radiated speaking of the children at Unity and by seeing how much they loved you. You always radiated love and light directly from your heart, and it always warmed mine. May peace, love and many blessings be yours on the next phase of your soul’s journey.

-Janice Pettit

Janice, siempre estaras en mi corazón. Soy inmemsame te afortunada de haberte tenido en mi vida y tener el privilegio de llamarte amiga. Cucla, como nos llamabamos una a la otra, seras siempre un angel. Love you.

-Lorraine Marzan

What a beautiful person and sweet soul! I’ve tried to describe Janice to friends and family who didn’t know her, and the word that best captures her is angelic. An angel is a spiritual being who is a messenger from God and can have special healing or protective attributes. Janis embodied all of those. She acted as a messenger of the Divine in the way she lived her life — with love, compassion, and respect for all. Her presence and her smile were healing, and her protective nature showed in her work and family life, and love of children and teens. She had a certain gentle sweetness and goodness that felt heaven-sent, yet she was grounded and present to the task or person in front of her.

I was blessed to have lots of time and conversations with Janice, especially in the first few months that she was Director of Youth Ministries. We shared a love of kids and families, so talked about Unity kids a lot, about our own families, and about our Unity community. In all the time we talked and all the different scenarios that she dealt with, she never spoke negatively or even a little sarcastically about anyone. She just couldn’t help but feel compassion and love for everyone. It oozed out of her eyes and smile, and she left a trail of it wherever she went. She also exuded a calm joy and expressed it constantly in appreciation and gratitude.

As a Youth Ministries Director, Janice was full of enthusiasm for the kids and appreciation for the volunteers and staff. She was light and bright and joyful, and she embodied a strong faith that all aws moving toward the highest. I saw that faith expressing with the kids, in the ways she encouraged and believed in each one of them, and their capacity to do great things and become their greatest selves. She was a strong support of our youngest son as he went through the teen years and some difficult times. I will always be grateful to her for that.

I also was blessed by Janice as a Hatha Yoga Instructor. She was the best! Her peaceful nature came through, and brought me to peace almost immediately upon sitting on the mat. She was a great instructor as far as knowing the asanas and how to help us with them, and her pacing was perfect to bring us into her aura of peacefulness. I always left feeling better in every way.

I really admire Janice as a mother. Being a mother of 5 sons is such a big job! She was dedicated and involved in their lives and a guiding force. She also brought humility to her role as a Mom. As Daniel and Gabe grew to be adults, she was challenged by Daniel’s decision to join the military. To her credit, though, she was open to learning from him and hearing about how he came to the decision. As she set aside her own ideas about it, she opened to seeing it from Daniel’s point of view. Then, she was not only accepting of his choices, but also very proud and amazed at what she had learned from him.

As a friend, Janice was very generous with listening and responding with love and acceptance. One time when I said something I felt badly about, she was forgiving to the point of saying it all works out for the best and what happened is perfectly OK. I could feel her sincerity and love, and again, her abiding faith that everything happens for the best.

Thank you, Janice. Thank you for being a loving, supportive friend. Thank you for being a dedicated, nurturing and guiding force for our kids. Thank you for being a wonderful mother and raising your boys to be loving, kind and respectful, like you. Thank you for teaching yoga practices of asana and meditation in your gentle and peaceful way. Thank you for being Light, Love and Compassion. Thank you for inspiring us with your way of being. You have been a great gift to the world. I will miss you, and will never forget you.

-Amy Allen

Her Light shines through every single person who knew her. Much Love to family and loved ones. Namaste.

-Linda Dale Edwards

First, one sees a beautiful Latina woman, then one recognizes a talented lover of our children, then, one connects with a sincere, loving soul, and finally, one realizes that the divine is indeed within, throughout, and all about us.

-John Wilson

I’ve experienced many Unity Churches throughout my travels. However, Janice was quite unique and wonderful as Sunday School Director. She had a unique and loving ability when working with the youth! She was truly amazing when working with them. She has such a talent! She made all feel loved and gave them what they needed as a leader and on an individual manner. Janice was also a wonderful Mother to her own boys! She is and will be missed!

-Connie Seitz

Siempre en mi corazón, Gracias Amiga!

-Debbie Diaz

Gracias por tu luz, tu sabiduría y tu amistad. Namaste Janice

-Milagros Rodríguez

My beautiful soul sister, my mentor and teacher, my beloved friend…Janice Elaine Falcón, I am a better person because of your light, love, and friendship. The impact you have had on who I am at my very core cannot be described in words. Your ability to mother your five wonderful sons with such grace, depth, love and joy provided me with so many opportunities to learn and grow as a mother myself. Your heart was always open to me- may I learn to keep my heart open to you in the great beyond. How beautiful it must be- your light shining without boundaries. I always was amazed at how much you reminded me of my own mother- and now you join her and all those who have gone before us. May you both guide me through my days here on earth. Until we meet again…

Te amo, querida hermana. Siempre. Gracias por amarme.

-Dawn Randolph

Que bellas palabras Belia! Todos fuimos bendecidos por ella y la admiramos como mujer, como madre y como esposa. Tan hermosa por fuera como por dentro. Ella fue nuestro ángel que Dios quiso recibir un Ángel en el cielo. Dios la está cuidando y bendiciendo ahora y cuidando de sus hijos y de nosotros desde el cielo. La amamos eternamente

-Belia Villafañe

Janice was truly a remarkable person. She embodied the Unity spirit in everything she did. And she did a lot of things. Like mentoring our youth, helping people to learn yoga, but most of all how to be of service to others. I feel lost without you Janice.
– Brett Batchelder

Janice’s light shined like a beacon on a foggy day. She lifted the veil to show how much light a person could share. I loved our Wednesday nite yoga and meditation. We also shared a light meal after. She was an incredible teacher and friend. She inspired me to be a better person. Working with her on Sunday mornings was extra special too. She always had time to listen to the children. I hope I can continue to make her dreams a reality for our youth ministry. I will forever miss her loving presence. Prayers and love for Omar, the children and family members.

-Mary Christopher

Janice and her family touch me and family with their love and kindness.

As a working mother of two i was looking for a community. Janice welcomed me to her Yoga Wednesday community. I was only able to participate because Omar, Daniel and kids would graciously watch over my little ones.

I am thankful to you all, may you continue to be embraced in the warm and loving light of the divine

-Nela Rodriguez

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Unity of the Triangle will once again participate in World Day of Prayer beginning with a Virtual Opening Ceremony on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 from 7:30-8:00 pm.   The 24-Hour Silent Prayer Vigil will begin at 8:00 pm at the end of the ceremony with the ringing of the bell and will last until Thursday, September 10, 2020 at 8:00 pm.


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Many congregants have said this is their favorite service of the whole year. 

we suggest that you have a candle ready to light at the same time we light the Prayer Vigil Candle in the sanctuary at the beginning of the ceremony.  You may even wish to participate in communion at home.

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