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Submit the names of those you wish to hold in prayer
Last day to submit the names is Sunday, September 6

Register here to participate In-Person
Last day to register for In-person participation is Sunday, September 6

Register here to participate Virtually 
Last day to register to participate virtually is Sunday, September 6

Watch the Live Opening Ceremony
Wednesday, September 9


Every year Unity churches all over the world come together for 24 hours to pray and lift up the world in an event called World Day of Prayer.  Imagine a map of the world dotted with lights from every Unity church worldwide.  The power of collective prayer is powerful and makes a difference.  Prayer matters!

Unity of the Triangle will once again participate in World Day of Prayer beginning with a Virtual Opening Ceremony on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 from 7:30-8:00 pm.   The 24-Hour Silent Prayer Vigil will begin at 8:00 pm at the end of the ceremony with the ringing of the bell and will last until Thursday, September 10, 2020 at 8:00 pm.


We would like to hold in silent prayer and meditation as many people as we can name, while affirming:

Standing in Truth, we move from fear to faith. 

To submit names to hold in prayer, fill out the form available at the bottom of this page. Submit as many names as you wish—FIRST NAMES ONLY—between August 2nd and September 6th. You can also click on the Virtual Candle (at the bottom of this page) to submit names


Due to the pandemic, you may participate in the 24-Hour Silent Prayer Vigil:

  • In the safety of your home and connect to the sanctuary via Zoom OR
  • In the sanctuary while social distancing and masked.

You can now sign up for a 1 hour of prayer during the 24 hour Silent Prayer Vigil. You may choose which hour you will participate in, whether in our sanctuary or at home.  Our goal is to have someone in prayer, at home or in the sanctuary, for each of the 24 hours including the sleeping hours. 

Register here to participate In-Person

Last day to register for In-person participation is Sunday, September 6.

Register here to participate Virtually 

Last day to register for In-person participation is Monday, September 7.


Once you have signed up for your 1-hour prayer appointment, either from home or coming into the sanctuary, we will email you instructions, suggested prayer and meditation practices, and a list of names to prayer over.  Copies will also be available in the sanctuary. 

If you choose to participate from home, you will receive an email with a Zoom link so participants in the sanctuary feel your love and light, and you will be able to see the sanctuary and feel the sacredness created in the sanctuary.


To prepare for the 24 Hour Silent Prayer, we will
Live Stream the Opening Ceremony
from 7:30 to 8:00 pm in the same way we
hold Sunday services.  

This reverent and holy Opening Ceremony will create the sacred space in the sanctuary and in your home, and prepare your body and mind for your 1-hour of silent prayer and meditation.

Many congregants have said this is their favorite service of the whole year. 

we suggest that you have a candle ready to light at the same time we light the Prayer Vigil Candle in the sanctuary at the beginning of the ceremony.  You may even wish to participate in communion at home.

This is our opportunity to shift the pandemic and racism from fear to faith.

The world needs our light and our prayers!

Join Us!

Light a Virtual Candle

Unity World Day of Prayer is a global event. We invite you to light a virtual candle to represent your light shining in prayer.

Happy Youth Monday! 

Did you know that positive news stories lead to an increase in hope and optimism? This in turn makes us more likely to notice positivity all around us and become more solutions-oriented, creating a ‘positive feedback loop’. They can also boost self-efficacy; a person’s belief in their ability to make a difference. Are you ready?

May you be inspired by this video created by our awesome Youth Ministry reporters: Unkids Alexander Trahan (10), Madeline Morrill (6), and their Uniteen brother, Gabriel Trahan (11).  Here are the positive news stories they found:

Conservationists Rejoicing Over Discovery of ‘Ultra-Rare’ Blue Bee

It has been almost a decade since this ultra-rare species of bee was last spotted in the Florida wilderness—but conservationists are now rejoicing after it was rediscovered this spring. First described in 2011, scientists weren’t sure the blue calamintha bee still existed. The species had only been recorded in four locations totaling just 16 square miles of pine scrub habitat at Central Florida’s Lake Wales Ridge.

Those apprehensions changed to delight in March when a Florida Museum of Natural History researcher rediscovered the metallic navy insects—a first step to conserving this understudied and imperiled species. “I was open to the possibility that we may not find the bee at all so that first moment when we spotted it in the field was really exciting,” said Chase Kimmel, a postdoctoral researcher.

Kimmel and his adviser, Jaret Daniels, director of the museum’s McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity, are working on a two-year research project to determine the blue calamintha bee’s current population status and distribution, as well as nesting and feeding habits.

Florida’s State Wildlife Action Plan lists the bee, Osmia calaminthae, as a species of greatest conservation need, and this project could help determine whether it qualifies for protection under the Endangered Species Act. A US Fish and Wildlife Service State Wildlife Grant administered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is funding the project.

The bee is thought to live only in the Lake Wales Ridge region, a globally recognized biodiversity hotspot and one of the nation’s fastest-disappearing ecosystems, according to a 2015 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service report. As a pollinator, it depends on another threatened species, a blooming plant known as Ashe’s calamint. “This is a highly specialized and localized bee,” Daniels said.

The blue calamintha is a solitary bee, creating individual nests instead of hives like honeybees. While no nests have been found, the species is part of the genus Osmia, which tends to use existing ground burrows, hollow stems or holes in dead trees as nests. To test whether this bee does the same, the research team made and deployed bee “condos,” 42 nest boxes, in locations where the bee or Ashe’s calamint have been found. Each box contains reeds and sand pine blocks with holes drilled in varying diameters and depths to reveal the bee’s nesting preferences. Researchers will periodically check the boxes over the next year.

“All of this work is a collaboration,” Daniels said. “It takes an army to make it happen, you couldn’t do it without all the broader community of assistance that makes a project work to generate good results.”

Portable Sinks for the Homeless

Portable sinks are being installed across the United States as a means of helping homeless people wash their hands amidst the novel coronavirus outbreaks. Over the course of the last two months, Love Beyond Walls—a Georgia-based nonprofit dedicated to helping the homeless—has been setting up dozens of hand-washing stations in areas popularly visited by rough sleepers.

Terence Lester, the founder who had been homeless himself as a teenager, told Katie Couric on her new YouTube show, The Bright Side, that he started the “Love Sinks In” campaign with the hopes of supporting neglected people living in poverty during the pandemic. “People would say things like ‘I’m fearing I’ll contract the coronavirus because I have nowhere to wash my hands’,” said Lester.

Thankfully, the group has been able to scale up their operations thanks to their support from Grammy award-winning hip hop artist Lecrae, who is also a friend of Lester’s. Since Lecrae joined forced with the organization in March, several dozen sinks have been installed across the city of Atlanta—all of which are sanitized three times every day.

Love Beyond Walls has also teamed up with other homeless charities to install sinks in cities like Birmingham, Austin, Columbus, San Bernardino, New Orleans, Baltimore, and New York City. Couric surprised Lester during their interview, by making a $10,000 donation that will pay for the installation of 50 more portable sinks.

11-Year-Old Skater Makes History During Quarantine!

While many people have been left twiddling their thumbs for the duration of the novel coronavirus shutdowns, this 11-year-old athlete took advantage of his free time spent in quarantine to make skateboarding history. This week, Gui Khury became the first skateboarder to ever land a 1080-degree turn on a vertical ramp. 

For perspective, the Brazilian youngster had not even been born when 22-year-old Tony Hawk completed the first 900-degree turn back in 1990. Gui completed his first 900-degree turn at just 8 years old.

Now two decades after Hawk’s accomplishment, Gui says he was able to complete the jaw-dropping 1080-degree feat by using his time off from school amidst the pandemic to train. Upon expertly landing the triple-turn earlier this week, Gui says he could hardly comprehend his achievement.

“I was like, oh my God, what did I just do?” Gui Khury told Reuters. “I was just like OK, I landed it. Now I am going to celebrate.” Gui later told reporters that he celebrated by sharing a bowl of macaroni and cheese with his family.

I hope you are inspired to look for more good news every day!




Every year we host a Volunteer Fiesta at the Unity of the Triangle as a way to showcase the many opportunities available for congregants to be of the Sacred Service Volunteer Program. The goal of the Sacred Service Volunteer Program is to create and maintain an organization in which people can experience spiritual growth by contributing their time, talents, and skills in meaningful service, furthering the beliefs of this ministry.

With many ways to contribute your time and talents to Unity, we organized the areas of service into the following categories:


  • Friends in Deed – provides assistance to our Unity family through a variety of services – cards, rides, meals, etc.
  • Sacred Prayer Circle – prays silently for those who make a prayer request.
  • Extended Care – experienced prayer chaplains who provide emotional support through prayer and compassionate listening.
  • Prayer Chaplains – creates and hold sacred space for all Unity of the Triangle congregants by praying and listening.

Planting THE SEEDS

  • Youth & Family Ministry – teach or assist in the youth education program on Sunday school. Helps with donations, provides support at classes, trips, fundraisers and special events.
    • Interested? Contact Janice at


  • Welcome Team – Greet everyone before and after each service, assists guests in finding their way through the building and answers questions about Unity.
  • Hospitality Team – Prepares and serves refreshments on Sundays.
  • Facility Team – Helps with repairs, maintenance, and landscape.
  • Bookstore Team – attends the bookstore on Sunday, helps keep track of inventory and sales.


  • Adult Choir – expresses spirituality through music twice a month at the Sunday service, special services and seasonal concerts.
  • Musicians – expresses spirituality through music at the Sunday service, special services and seasonal concerts.
    • Interested? Contact Jay at


  • Audio/Video Team – manages the AV needs for services and special events.
    • To join this team, please contact David at
  • Marketing Support Team – assists with the promotion of Unity and events through social media and event support.
    • To join this team, please contact Yesenia at
  • Photography Team – takes photos and/or short video clips of events and/or special events.
    • To join this team, please contact Yesenia at
  • Leadership Selection Ministry – works to find candidates for the board ensuring they are a good fit to the board’s current skill set needs.
  • Board of Trustees – administers the business, financial, and legal affairs of the church.
  • Rental Support Team – Day-of Liaison. Helps setup and breakdown. Greet attendees.


  • Unity in the Community – extends the ministry of love out into the community and the world with outreach projects.
    • To join this team, contact Karen at
  • Ambassadors of Hope – spreads the Unity message in populations in need of support with grief, addiction, and cancer.
    • To join this team, contact

For more information about the Sacred Service program, please contact Barbara, Volunteer Coordinator, at

What feels better than receiving a gift or nice gesture unexpectedly? 

Giving a gift or nice gesture just because! 

This month we launch into the start of the holiday season with 3 weeks devoted to “random acts of kindness”. Kindness shows up in the smallest of ways but can mean the world to somebody going through difficult times. Kindness nourishes the soul by opening the flow of abundance. 

Kindness as a spiritual practice also reminds us of this years’ theme:

Love. Serve. Transform. 

We seek to transform our world with love and service – one act of kindness at a time. By engaging in random acts of kindness we deepen our spiritual connections with one another and within ourselves. Together, we hope to expand our sense of community within this church and beyond by using social media to document and share our experiences. 

Let’s challenge ourselves to do one act of kindness a day for the next 21 days and experience the gratitude and blessings that open up to us when we are open to giving and receiving. All are invited to participate and use social media to share their experiences beginning September 15th, 2019 and wrapping up on October 6th, 2019. 

Check out the video on this post from Unity of the Triangle Marketing gurus introducing the campaign and follow the steps below. 

4 easy steps to participate: 

  1. Follow @UnityTriangle on Instagram.
  2. Check back on Instagram once a day for the ‘Prompt of the Day’ which is to help you think of new ideas through the campaign. 
  3. Post a photo or story from your account telling us about the experience. 
  4. Tag @UnityTriangle in the post and use the hashtag #21DaysofKindness so we may find your post and feature it on the official Unity of the Triangle instagram page.


  1. Tag a friend in your post to “challenge” them and do the same! 
  2. Post to your instagram account and tag @UnityTriangle as much as you want during the 21 days. Remember, the challenge is to take action every day and share it with the church to inspire others and keep the flow of giving open. 
  3. No act of kindness is too small! You are welcome to choose an action outside of the prompts given and post it to your Instagram page. 
  4. Use discretion when documenting your good deeds. It is important that the privacy of others is respected. We recommend obtaining consent for photos or videos, as appropriate. Otherwise we recommend that your post focuses on your personal experience with the challenge. 
  5. Do a group action! Add this as an item at your next small group meeting and plan to take an action together like cleaning up a park together or getting together to write thank you notes. 
  6. Not on Instagram and don’t want to be? That’s okay! Instagram isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. We invite you to post your pictures and videos to the #21DaysofKindness Facebook event page

Most of all, have fun with it and feel good doing it! May love and serve flow freely from you as you continue to transform within and do your part to transform this world. 

Love, light, and blessings to you,

Unity of the Triangle