“Listen for the deepest wisdom
before you really make a strong bold action”

– Rev Neusom

Just as harnessing electricity changed the outer world, when we learn how to harness the true power and intelligence of the heart, everything will change about how we think and feel, and how we relate to one another. Hear how a new understanding of “heart” is emerging and is so needed during this important time in history.

If you missed any of the the talks, the weekly virtual group study meetings, or you simply want to tune in again, you can access all of the Sunday in 7 video recaps, and our Virtual Video Study Zoom meetings right here! To make it easier to access, we’ve paired each of the Sunday talks with their corresponding zoom meeting video link.

Topic: Virtual Book Study – Jun 3, 2020 06:10 PM
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Scientific studies show that the heart sends many more signals to the brain than vice versa.  It’s also better at prediction than the brain.  Its field is larger and stronger than our mind’s.  True spirituality lies in listening and learning from the heart; following its intuition and wisdom.  The heart is primary. 

If you’re being led towards something that may seem risky or scary, ask your heart for guidance and look for signs from the universe.  If you don’t get an answer right away, keep asking.  Sometimes you need time to be prepared for the answer.  And sometimes the answer comes by showing us what not to do by our mistakes.  Living from your heart is not an escape from heartache, anger, worry or any other emotion.  It’s not an escape from the world, but by being in your heart, you become a resource for the troubles of the world.

As we hold our heart’s awareness as wide as possible, what we see, feel, and think during that moment, the world will send back to us.  Our heart is the messenger to and from the universe.  Our true power lies in being able to direct our heart’s desire to touch the world.

Finding your own depth through your heart connects you to all that is, to the wisdom of the world.  Let this powerful and infinitely loving aspect of yourself be your guide.

Topic: Virtual Book Study – May 27
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Have you ever considered that loving yourself could improve the world around you?  When you are internally healthy and happy, it strengthens your relationships with family and friends.  Healthy individuals and families are a building block of a healthy society.  Loving yourself is key to your happiness and that happiness is infectious to those around you.

Self love consists of building self esteem and integrity, positive self talk, and accomplishing something.

  • Self confidence entails telling the truth to yourself and others.  It builds trust within yourself and builds a sense of worthiness based on your integrity. 
  • What you say to yourself is more important than what anyone else says to you, so speak sweetly to yourself.  It’s a critical part of self love and feeling good about yourself.  We tend to be attracted to people who feel good about themselves.  We like them because they like themselves.  Be kind to yourself in your actions as well as your words.  Take good care of your body – take a hot bath, go for a walk, get plenty of sleep, eat a healthy meal.
  • Your life is increased when you accomplish something, even if it’s something small.  It makes you feel good and builds self esteem.

Almost every successful event or person has failures behind their achievements.  Failures can open up possibilities to new ideas that never existed.  So you don’t have to be perfect, just do the best you can and use failures as opportunities or learning experiences.  Persisting even when you hit obstacles builds character, strength, self awareness, and strength of will.  

Let your heart open to yourself.  You loving yourself is a foundational spiritual practice.  Be kind to yourself, speak sweetly to yourself, have integrity, accomplish little things, love yourself even when you fail.  There’s nobody more important in your life than you.

Spiral Meditation

Topic: Virtual Book Study – May 20
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The core of who we are, the depth of who we are resides in our heart.  What is in our hearts is more of what people feel than what we’re thinking.  The heart’s energy is 100K times larger than the brain’s.  When the heart opens, magic can happen; conversations come from a place of kindness and love and relationships shift.  When our hopes, dreams, and intentions resonate through the heart, they are better received and have a better chance of manifesting.  We live in a cooperative universe that responds more to how we feel.  Developing a loving, open, powerful heart is part of the practice of creating the world you wish to see.  

To help the heart open, we can practice gratitude and forgiveness.  When we look for reasons to see beauty in the world, the heart feels safe to open and expand.  Another way to open the heart is to practice acts of kindness.  Taking the emphasis off ourselves and giving to others creates a pathway for the heart to follow.  When we express love, it sets the conditions to feel love back which is one of the great joys of life.  We don’t have to be close to a person to send love to them.  It’s an energetic broadcast that can be focused on one person or sent out generally into the world.

With your heart open, you are a blessing as you walk down the street.  Your very essence is giving something positive into the world.  The world benefits, and you benefit in how the world responds to you.

Start each day with your hand on your heart, breathing into your heart, and imagine something or someone you love and feel into it.  Try to keep this feeling as you go throughout your day and fee the human connection deepening with each other and the world.  

Many of you have been involved with our fall and winter book studies and some of you have permanent groups that meet regularly throughout the year. To you, the main difference is that this fall we will be using videos instead of a book to spark the discussions. The theme of the videos is our declaration of who we are:

“We are a spiritual community, awakening to our divine nature through love, service and personal transformation.”

So our topics for the 4 weeks will be:
1. Community
2. Love
3. Service
4. Personal Transformation

For those of you who are new to these discussion groups, let me give you a brief outline of a way to organize the discussion. After everyone has gathered in comfortable seating and tea has been made or not made, consider having a brief prayer, a short meditation, and/or a sacred reading. I am hoping that most people will have seen the video for the week ahead of time, but with most of them being in the 20 minute range, it is possible you may watch it together. Let the discussion begin organically or start with the questions in this guide. Please participate in the discussion, and yet please do not hog the air time. One of my hopes is that these discussion will not only deepen our understanding , but build connections between us. Honesty, acceptance and vulnerability are hallmarks to a meaningful group discussion. I hope you meet friends for life in your group.

Week 1: We begin with exploring ideas about expanding community

In this entertaining video Pastor John Gray invites us to bridge differences to expand our love and community. 

Questions: Who is it that you are not accepting now? What is the cost? What do you think about taking our own point of view more lightly? With all the “political correctness” in play today, what role do you think shame played in the last election?

Always a favorite, Brene Brown discusses how to trust and be trustworthy. She coins the acronym “braving.”

Questions: Do you find people easy or hard to trust? What allows you to trust somebody? What makes you trustworthy? Where are you not as trustworthy as you would like? 

Week 2. We will be exploring self-love this week

This is audio only. Ram Das is talking about “self-acceptance” as the basis for self love. 

Questions: What is the source of not accepting yourself. Can you remember when you decided to not accept yourself. How has that decision affected your life? 

This is audio only. Ram Das is talking about your perfection and enlightenment at this moment. 

Questions: Do you sense the picture he is painting is true, when we are beyond time that all your lives are existing at the same time? Can you sense or feel your awakened state right now?

In this video Teal Swan proposes a practice of asking, “What would a person who loves themself do in this situation?”

Questions: Does this practice sound challenging to you? Could you try it for at least a week?

Week 3.  This week we are exploring service

In this video Oprah Winfree addresses the graduating class of Spellman College. One of her three must do’s is service. Her speech is so Unity, I hope you don’t mind that this is not just about service.

Questions: Where in your life do you feel like you are doing the best service to others? When you are doing that service, and what is your intention? How have you learned to make your service significant? How does your service reflect the statement “you are a child of God”?

Week 4. This week we explore personal transformation

This video has Joe Dispenza explaining how to transform yourself by leaving the past and creating a new future. He talks about meditation, having a vision, living in the present, and managing your thoughts. While this is a longer video, you might be able to listen to it at a faster speed if you are short on time. (Speed is found in Settings in the bottom right of the screen -the Settings symbol looks like a sprocket) 

Questions: Even without attending a workshop, do you have examples of transformation by yourself or in your circle of acquaintances? How does one escape repeating the same thoughts over each day? Do you have a vision for your life? Have you ever tried Joe’s suggestion for meditation, becoming aware of the darkness behind your closed eyes? How might you take the next step in creating yourself the way you want to be?