“Path to God” Breathing and Meditation Practice with Reuben Schooler

Join Reverend Reuben Schooler every 2nd Sunday to sit and be guided through the “Path to God” technique. The “Path to God” technique is known to deepen and enrich meditation experiences. This technique is especially helpful to Kriya Yoga initiates, spiritual aspirants, and those who seek to become rooted and bloom more fully, spiritually. Used regularly, its value is more easily comprehended. After the meditation; anyone regardless of Kriya yoga initiation status is welcome to stay for Q&A.

Location: Meditation Room
Time: 9:55 AM -10:50 AM
Cost: Free! But donations are welcomed.

The Awareness Explorers

Each month we meet to discuss the non-dual perspective, the realization that there is no fundamental separation between us. Awareness, or Consciousness, is our true essence. What does it mean to live from this understanding?
We share the insights of teachers such as Ramana Maharshi, Douglas Harding, Rupert Spira, Ram Dass, and many others. We practice some of the many ways we can tap into the ever-present stillness and joy of our true nature.